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Notion now offers direct integration with Zendesk,
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Notion collects data from your software tools, along with your data scattered in spreadsheets or emails,
so your team can communicate and collaborate in beautiful dashboards and reports.

Getting started with Zendesk.

Go beyond spreadsheets and guesswork to more deeply understand how your team is performing in these key areas.

3 57.14%
Current Number of Assigned Tickets

Number of Assigned Tickets

Prevent fatigue and increase customer success by managing ticket assignment.

Satisfaction Rating
As of 7/18/16 4% since 7/11/16

Satisfaction Rating

Create transparency between your team and your customers' happiness.

17% 5.56%
Satisfaction Response Rate

Satisfaction Response Rate

Quickly provide additional context to your customer satisfaction rating.

8 166.67%
Total Number of Reopened Tickets

Number of Reopened Tickets

Set goals to reduce ticket churn and drive to increased accuracy and quality.

2.2 days 8.33%
Median First Reply Time

Median First Reply Time

How fast is your team responding to customer needs?

Tickets Needing Attention
As of 7/18/16 11% since 7/11/16

Tickets Needing Attention

Keep your finger on the pulse of your team's effectiveness while preventing burn out.

And more...

Current Number of Assigned Tickets

Satisfaction Rating

Satisfaction Response Rate

Total Number of Reopened Tickets

Average Bad Ticket Resolution Time

Average Ticket Resolution Time

Current Number of New Tickets

Median First Reply Time

Median Number of Replies per Ticket

Median Reply Time

Median Resolution Time

Open Tickets (High)

Open Tickets (Low)

Open Tickets (Normal)

Open Tickets (Urgent)

Percentage Surveyed

Reassignments Per Ticket

Tickets Created

Tickets Needing Attention

Total Number of Resolve Tickets

Spend more time building the products you love.

Everything you need to track performance metrics and align your team.

More than a dashboard.

Notion dashboards provide a central place to see your team’s story unfold. Your team and your data are your most powerful asset. By providing a hub where your team can check in on progress and performance, you’re enabling them to make the best informed decisions possible. And by going beyond executive dashboards and vanity metrics, you’ll make your team the most competitive and productive yet.

Measure and meet your commitments.

Understand where and when issues occur and get ahead of SLA compliance. Use data from your tools via our API, integrations like Jira, Bitbucket, GitHub, and other tools, as well as automated manual updates.

Your key metrics defined by you.

With the Notion Recipe Builder, we designed an interface to enable all your team members to define the key performance indicators that matter most to them, just the way they need them. Unlike fixed formulas or tools requiring special languages, your team can quickly, visually define the standards of what they are tracking.

Tap into your team to add a missing dimension.

Unless you’re regularly asking your team the right questions, you’re missing out on incredibly valuable data. Team polls take the guesswork and headache out of regular updates and dashboards help to compare team insights right next to the key performance indicators you’re already tracking. Read more about how Team Health scores can surface gaps and get your retrospectives back on track.

Data ownership and workflow

Notion Workflow is the fastest and most effective way to start tracking the metrics you care about now without the hassle of chasing down your co-workers to update their spreadsheets or expensive integrations with custom tools. In addition to easily sourcing data from your team, we have out-of-the-box integrations with Pivotal Tracker, Zendesk, Slack and more coming soon.

Your team’s story. In an instant.

One click is all it takes to build a professional and compelling report easily shared with those that need it. No more late nights in Powerpoint or Excel trying to collect, visualize, and provide the narrative for your co-workers or your boss. Each report in Notion is a complete interactive snapshot with easy sharing options like email, Slack, and direct links.

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