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Watsi Transparency Report

April 2017

At Watsi, 100% of your donation funds life-changing healthcare.


Since Watsi launched, donors have funded life-changing healthcare for 12,134 patients.

12,134 2.14%
Total Number of Patients Funded Updated: 4/30/2017

In the last month alone, 254 patients received the funding necessary for their healthcare.

254 44.05%
Patients Funded per Month Updated: 4/30/2017
3-Month Rolling Average
7.5% since 3/31/17
Average Patient Age
26.7 years old
0% since 3/31/17
Grace Garey
While the average age of patients on Watsi is 26.7 years, we don't actually see an inordinate number of patients in their 20s. This average is a result of lots of very young, often infant patients bringing down the average from older adults.

In the last month, patients came from 12 countries with a variety of conditions.

Most Common Countries
  1. Cambodia
  2. Tanzania
  3. Guatemala
Most Common Conditions
  1. Cataracts
  2. Club Foot
  3. Malnutrition


Donors have contributed $8,423,696 to fund healthcare for patients on Watsi. $6,450,191 has already been deployed to individual patients.

$6,450,191 1.8%
Total Donations Deployed Updated: 4/30/2017

In April, we deployed $113,913 to individual patients.

$113,913 40.1%
April Donations Deployed Updated: 4/30/2017
All-Time Average Cost per Patient
$2.42 since 3/31/17
Average Time to Fund (in days)
44.8 days
42.67% since 3/31/17

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