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  • Product Management Metrics
    Release Confidence
    As of 7/18/16 15% since 7/11/16
    8.5 6.25%
    Sprint Productivity
    Release Value
    As of 7/18/16 5% since 7/11/16
    Improve product performance.

    Get more insight into how your products are performing without having to chase spreadsheets and co-workers. Notion is the map for all the data you collect.

  • Leadership Metrics
    522 12.6%
    Signups from Lead Sources
    8.9% 6.32%
    $815 0.37%
    Customer Lifetime Value
    Make more informed roadmaps.

    Compare product data, customer feedback and team performance. Give context to data you already collect and get better insight into planning and product usage.

  • Engineering Metrics
    As of 8/1/16 14% since 7/4/16
    42 12.5%
    Iteration Flow
    Make your sprints more effective.

    Notion helps engineers go beyond velocity. Do your engineers use half a dozen or more tools? Now you can keep track of your data and make more informed decisions.

  • Financial Metrics
    $1,400,000 16.67%
    Monthly Recurring Revenue
    8.9% 6.32%
    $8,150 0.37%
    Customer Lifetime Value
    Focus on the most important measures of your growth.

    Track your key performance indicators and accelerate your process. Increase the confidence of your team and investors with actionable data.

  • Customer Support Metrics
    Satisfaction Rating
    As of 7/18/16 4% since 7/11/16
    17% 5.56%
    Satisfaction Response Rate
    3 57.14%
    Current Number of Assigned Tickets
    Create customer-centered products.

    A product can't survive without its customers. Put their feedback in context and strengthen your relationship with users.

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