Notion is home to your internal data.
Slack is home to your team communication.

Together, we align your team.

Install with a single click
Slack's instant integration makes it easier than ever to see your Notion data where your team is most active. Log into your account and head to the Settings page to get started.

Data changes the conversation
Use simple slash commands to add some context to your conversation. Our commands work in any channel:

  • Type /notion recipes to bring up a list of all your recipe names
  • Type /notion recipe [recipe name] to see the chart for that recipe
  • Type /notion help to pull up your list of commands in Slack

Keep everyone up to date
Regardless of where your team is talking, making sure everyone knows the story behind your data is crucial to making faster decisions. With our Slack integration, your comments and published reports in Notion will be added into Slack.