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Even our engineers can go in and see how they are doing. - Sharla Akers, TUNE
I'm loving your approach to data. - Chris Bowler, Wildbit

What's included?

Notion gives you all the tools you need to communicate and collaborate around your data with our custom recipe builder, team polling, and automated data collection.

  • Unlimited Dashboards

    Data is most helpful when it's easy to find. No need to cram it all into a single dashboard or spreadsheet. Identify the data that matters most to each of your teams and give them their own dashboard.

  • Data Directory

    For the first time, your team can see everything that’s being tracked in a single place, so they can easily compare the data that matters to them. See who owns the data, how frequently it’s being reported, and the latest updates.

  • Automated Data Connectors

    Notion currently integrates with Jira, Pivotal Tracker, Intercom, Zendesk, and and more (with more on the way).

  • Unlimited Custom KPIs

    Notion is designed to scale with your team and organization. As you find more KPIs to track, Notion can accomodate them. No limits.

  • One-click Slack sharing

    Share information with your team where they already are talking. Our Slack integration brings your charts into the conversation.

  • Unlimited Reports

    Whether you'd like to build and share reports on a quarterly, monthly, weekly, or daily basis, make them simple and beautiful with Notion. Communicate with leadership and stakeholders clearly and effectively.

  • Recommended Best Practices

    Sometimes the hardest part about being data-driven is knowing what to track. We offer a library of templated KPIs that you can implement or customize to get started with your team. Still not sure what to do? Enroll in our School of Little Data and receive recommended best practices right in your inbox.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are Editors?

    Team members can currently have one of two roles in Notion. Editors have the ability to create new metrics and dashboards, connect any integrations, and manage your team size. All other team members are Collaborators—which can see all public dashboards (or private dashboards they are invited to), can be assigned to report on data, can build custom reports, and can add comments.

    By default, all team members invited to your account will be Collaborators. Editors can visit the Members page to manage user permissions and team size.

  • How does the free trial work?

    When you sign up for Notion, your account will automatically begin a full-featured free trial, which allows you to integrate with all data sources and invite as many team members as you want. No credit card is required during the trial. When you do choose one of the paid plans, you will be required to enter a credit card, which will be charged at that time.

  • What happens after the trial ends and I haven't subscribed?

    If the trial ends before you subscribe, your team will be locked out. If you try to log in, you'll be provided the option to reactivate your account with all of its data by purchasing a plan.

  • What happens when I invite new team members?

    Notion is designed to easily add new team members to your account, whether they are being assigned to report on ingredients or just need access to view your dashboards.

    Since we've made it easy to invite your entire team, we have also designed our subscriptions to not automatically overcharge you for usage. In the event you invite more team members than your current plan allows, you will have a 30-day grace period where you can manage your team size. At the end of the period, you will be upgraded to the appropriate plan based on your team size at that moment.

    Please note, if you upgrade to a higher plan in the middle of a billing period, your account will be prorated at that time for the remainder of your billing cycle.

  • Can I downgrade my subscription plan?


    As long as your team size doesn't exceed a plan's quota, you are able to downgrade your subscription plan. When you do, you will be charged the price of the new plan on your next normal billing cycle. You can manage your team size from the member's page in the app.

    Please note, we will not automatically lower you to a subscription plan.

  • How do annual plans work?

    An annual plan will automatically renew at the end of the period. If you upgrade to a higher bucket of users while on a yearly plan, you will be prorated at that time for the remainder of the year. The same 30-day grace period exists before an automatic upgrade would occur in the event that you invite in more team members than your plan supports.

  • You don't support an integration with the tool I want. Will you soon?

    Our plan is to continually add and release integrations as we implement them. If there is a specific tool you are looking for or is required for your team, let us know at

  • We want to track data, but we don't know where to start. Help?

    If you haven't already, enrolling in our School of Little Data is a great way to find the data that matters most to your team. We'll send you recommended, best practice KPIs and explain the benefits of tracking them direct to your inbox. During the 14-day free trial period, we'll also send you a few guidelines on how to set up your dashboards for success.

    If you need more help or want to connect with us on how we are running our team, drop us a line at and let's chat.