Notion is the analytics layer for modern business teams.

We help teams answer the questions:
How are we doing? and How can we be better?

Teams are adopting more SaaS tools than ever to be more competitive and productive. They are using on average 12–15 separate tools, but each comes with its own siloed dashboards and reporting — or worse, nothing.

Too much time and money is wasted trying to understand that siloed data and piece together cross-function insights. Notion makes it easy for team leaders to connect their current SaaS tools through plug-and-play APIs and start creating custom KPIs to gather data on team performance and generate conversations and transparency to create a culture of continuous improvement.

Notion empowers teams to answer simple questions (e.g. How are we doing? How can we be better?) without the complex effort typical of general purpose business intelligence tools.

By the Numbers

A huge market opportunity…

  • 58% Percentage of BI leaders who say that reporting continues to be the strongest driver of innovation for their firm. Forrester
  • 5x How much more likely a company that uses analytics well is expected to make decisions faster than the competition. Bain & Company
  • $16.9B Dollars spent on BI software each year. Gartner
  • $26.78B Expected value of the BI & Analytics BI industry by 2020. Markets & Markets
  • 250,000+ Product Managers in Software/Technology LinkedIn
  • 193,000+ Customer Success/Support/Service members in Software/Technology LinkedIn
  • 271,000+ Marketing and Sales decision makers in Software/Technology LinkedIn

…with low engagement for existing solutions.

  • 21% Average adoption rate of BI products. The 18-24% range remains unchanged since 2005. BI Scorecard
  • 100% Percentage of BI leaders that were 'moved to the left' in terms of Completeness of Vision in Gartner's Magic Quadrant in 2015. Gartner
  • 6.1 Average number of days it takes to get reports built with traditional BI tools (range: 4.3-7.9). Aberdeen Group
  • 50% Percentage of business and technology decision-makers who struggle to ask a question that they don't know how to formulate. Forrester
  • 60% Percentage of business and technology decision-makers who report time concerns with creating/updating dashboards. Forrester
  • 64% Percentage of business and technology decision-makers who have difficulty getting answers from their dashboard metrics. Forrester

A Brief History of Notion

Founded in February 2015, Notion is a software-as-a-service analytics provider based in Portland, Oregon. Notion is the analytics layer for modern business teams — offering an innovative cloud-based SaaS platform to collect and track performance metrics together in one place.

Notion is designed to support best practices by shedding light on the actual data and reducing risks and costs associated with making decisions in the dark. Notion's KPI's recipe library and community goal setting helps you analyze the right metrics to get better performance from your team.

Notion is characterized by simple plug-and-play integrations with the SaaS tools you are already using for instant reporting with customizable dashboards, best practice KPI recipes, and recommended cross-function insights.

Our Founders

Dave Shanley Co-Founder, CEO

Data changes the conversation. Good teams can become great teams. Dave wants all teams to have the tools they need for making the best decisions. Dave brings his experience growing a company from his apartment through acquisition to IPO (CrowdCompass, acquired by Cvent, NYSE:CVT) and years building technology for the Fortune 500 (Syclo, acquired by SAP). When Dave isn't digging in to the latest numbers, he's dreaming of sailing trips with the Notion team.

Kevin Steigerwald Co-Founder, CPO

Kevin is a full-stack product designer with over 10 years of experience designing, researching, marketing, planning, and building products. From package design in big-box retailers to indie games in the App Store, Kevin has a passion for designing experiences that make our lives easier and more enjoyable. He believes pie is better for dessert than charts, tortillas make the best utensil, and the iPhone 4 is the proper screen size for a phone.