Notion partnered with the Oregon Angel Fund to measure the impact of their venture investments in Oregon as a part of Notion’s campaign for using data for good. The Oregon Angel Fund’s goal is to invest $100M in 100 local startups that create 10,000 jobs in Oregon.
Here’s how they’re doing, so far...

Oregon Angel Fund Transparency Report

January 2017

Venture Capital Funding and support to build the next generation for world-class growth companies.

Our Impact

Since OAF launched in 2007, we've funded a total of 51 startups, and completed 57 deals.

51 15.91%
Total Startups Funded Updated: 12/31/2016
Average Per Year
4.51% since last year
Most Companies Funded in a Year
Previous max was 6
Scott Sandler
In 2016, we made a record 9 investments. We welcomed 7 new startups to the portfolio, including Notion, AbSci, Senrio, Polysync, Hubb, Wild, and Outdoor Project.
Eric Rosenfeld
We also re-invested in 2 follow-on rounds with and Brandlive.

In 2016, we invested $7,026,372 of new capital, which brings the total to $38,826,028 invested by OAF since 2007.

$38,826,028 22.1%
OAF Investment Updated: 12/31/2016
Eric Rosenfeld
The fund size continues to increase year over year, which helps maximize our impact and the number of companies we can fund.

Our portolio companies have raised, in aggregrate, $331M after our initial investment.

$331,155,236 13.6%
Total Equity Invested in OAF Updated: 12/31/2016

The total value of our portfolio surpassed $1B dollars in 2016, with an average year-over-year growth rate of 42%.

$1,121,681,236 13.16%
Total Portfolio Market Cap Updated: 12/31/2016
Julianne Brands
We track both the Book Value and the Fair Market Value of our portoflio. This above is reflective of the Book Value of the most recent price paid for a company.

Our portfolio companies employ 2,540 full time employees across the world, with 2114 of those employees in Oregon & SW Washington.

2,540 14.41%
New Jobs Created each Year Updated: 12/31/2016
Julianne Brands
We include OR & SW WA employees as 4 of our companies are headquartered in Vancouver, WA (considered part of the Portland Metro Area)
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