Getting started with Mailchimp

The following instructions will help you setup your Mailchimp integration.

How to find your data center

The following instructions will walk you through the simple process of finding your Mailchimp API key.

Step 1 Log into your Mailchimp account.
Step 2 Look at the updated URL after you log in. The first few characters of the URL represent your data center. It will be us followed by a number, 1 through 10.

How to find your API Key

Step 1 Log into your Mailchimp account and visit your profile.
Step 2 From the profile page, open the Extra dropdown from the menu and select API keys. Copy your key and paste it into the authentication form in Notion.

It's that simple. Once integrated, Notion will start fetching your data and you'll be able to add Mailchimp ingredients to your directory and build recipes for your dashboards.

Happy tracking!