Build the Future of Work with Us

Last updated on May 13, 2016

Notion is a new company in Portland,OR that’s dedicated to increasing team intelligence by providing a home for a team’s data + analysis.

You’re ready to be a key player at a startup using the latest technologies to build a data layer on top of all the tools that teams are using today. There's a huge opportunity for teams to leverage the data they already have and we’re ready to provide the fast-paced, forward-thinking environment you’ve been dreaming of.

Come join our startup team with a track record of success to create your perfect future.

Full Stack Engineer

Notion is hiring a full stack engineer to work alongside our incredible, tight-knit team.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

Be a leader of product development. We believe design and engineering coexist side-by-side, so you’ll work closely with us on user experience, design, and technology -- not just on technical feasibility, but creative possibilities. This is your opportunity to create an amazing product and see it grow beyond even what we can imagine.

A generalist that loves the details. You love front-end development, but are just as comfortable server-side. You believe in writing maintainable, performant code. You believe in tests and testing. You see the web as just another client and want to push the limits of what’s possible. You know what it takes to scale a team, and you're interested in sharing your knowledge to help make that happen.

Love a challenge. Embrace risk. We know startups aren’t for everyone, and so do you. We’ll try a lot of new things and some will work, some will not. We want you around for the long term, and we aren’t about burning out our people, because we really do value work-life balance. We’re focused on building the best team you’ve ever been a member of.


  • Strong command of core front-end (HTML5, Javascript, JSON) and backend (Ruby, Python, Go) technologies
  • Confidence in designing clean, intuitive APIs and useful abstractions
  • Worked with REST APIs and comfortable with the whole request / response lifecycle.
  • Experience developing complex applications
  • Experience integrating data from third-party APIs
  • Expert debugging skills

Here are some “nice-to-haves”:

  • React experience (our front-end) and Ruby (our backend)
  • Familiarity with automated build tools and continuous integration
  • Exposure to true agile methodologies
  • Understanding of what it takes to implement an application with cross-browser support
  • Awareness of security topics and an interest in building secure solutions

Sound interesting? We’re committed to finding the right candidate, and we know that might mean you need to ramp up in some areas. Drop us a line at jobs at usenotion dot com to schedule time to learn more.