Notion for JIRA

Because agile teams need agile reporting.

Give stakeholders visibility across all your teams.
Track trends over time to spot and fix bottlenecks.
Know which teams need help to be successful.

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These examples show how customers use JIRA analytics to improve team performance.

5 150%
Unassigned blocking issues

Blocking Issues

Keep your teams on track by monitoring blocking issues across projects.

1.2 days 11.11%
Cycle time for escaped bugs

Issue Reaction Time

Know how quickly your teams handle critical issues.

Backlog Burn Rate
As of 7/18/16 80% since 7/11/16

Backlog Burn Rate

Make sure your roadmap is prepared faster than your engineering team's output.

27 12.9%


Track the pace that you’re delivering value to the customer.

Cycle Time by Status

Cycle Times

Know how long it takes for your teams to complete different issues.

88% 12.82%

Defect Removal Efficiency

Improve your process for removing bugs before they’re released.

Before Notion, collecting, sharing, and understanding our company data was manual and laborious. It sucked. - Travis Cannon, Director of Product Management, RADAR

About Notion for JIRA

Notion gives you the power of cross project JIRA reporting. Trend JQL results and cycle times, giving you a single report for multiple teams.

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The power of data engagement

Get more out of your Intercom data by combining it with information from your other tools and inviting your team to collaborate on the results.

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Increase your team intelligence

Notion makes it easy for teams to engage with their Intercom data, collaborate on what it means, and put insight into action.

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