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About Notion for Intercom

Track Intercom segments over time, so you can get a better picture of how customers behave and succeed within your product.

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The power of data engagement

Get more out of your Intercom data by combining it with information from your other tools and inviting your team to collaborate on the results.

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Increase your team intelligence

Notion makes it easy for teams to engage with their Intercom data, collaborate on what it means, and put insight into action.

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Become the data-driven leader your team deserves.

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These examples show how customers use Intercom analytics to better understand their users.

41 28.13%
Segment: Accounts with more than 5 users

User Engagement

Get insight into user adoption by tracking engagement trends.

63.83% 2.68%
Users who completed onboarding

Feature Adoption

Discover how customers activate by tracking feature completion trends.

16.17% 5.27%
Conversion from Mailchimp

Lead Conversions by Campaign

Combine Intercom and Mailchimp data to track lead conversions across campaigns.

Customer Funnel

User Funnel Flow

Visualize your customer funnel by measuring average rate of movement through segments.

59 3.5%
Total Subscriptions by Team Size

Customer Demographics

Know which users are most likely to convert by digging into customer demographics.

Most Used Features
Weekly totals by frequency

Product Engagement

Understand how users interact with your product.

Before Notion, collecting, sharing, and understanding our company data was manual and laborious. It sucked. - Travis Cannon, Director of Product Management, RADAR

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