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Rescue data from all of your tools. We’ll do the work for you.

Compare data from different tools on one dashboard.

No more logging into multiple tools and toggling between apps to track performance. Give your team the power of visibility.

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The work you do is all connected, but your tools aren’t. Build complete dashboards across all your tools in minutes—not weeks or months.

Mix and match and measure.

With our easy-to-use integrations and custom metric builder, anyone on your team can combine data from your tools into unique metrics — no coding or IT required.

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Go from spreadsheets to dashboards to reports in record time. Your team will benefit from a common definition of your goals and metrics.

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With all your data together in Notion, you can make custom metrics combining any data source. Get clearer insights into business goals, team performance and product.

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Elevate your team’s work beyond spreadsheets

Want your team to actually use the data you’re tracking? Quickly move historical data into Notion and make it easy for your team to collaborate.

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An API for everything else.

Our API makes it easy to bring in data daily from nearly any source.

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Bring data to all of your conversations.

Faster than copying and pasting, see progress towards goals and bottlenecks visualized right inside your channels.

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