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Spreadsheets don't tell the full story.
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Quickly move historical data from spreadsheets into Notion and make it easy for your team to collaborate.

Communicate and motivate your team around metrics and KPIs. Our lightweight, iterative approach gets everyone involved in minutes without coding or complex set-up.

How Notion works

Notion uses team-sourced metrics, plus an easy-to-use integration platform, to create a single hub of information for your entire team to track, learn, and grow together.

Your directory is home to all your data, giving your team direct access and insights.

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Use your data as ingredients to define custom-built metrics.
It's easy enough for everyone on your team. No coding. No IT.

Mix and match data from your tools and your team with custom recipes.

Team members receive reminders to report on data assigned to them.

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Communicate with your team and management.
Notion helps you collaborate with everyone on your key metrics.

Comments give context to your charts.

Save time by building reports with a single click.

Bring data to your conversations in Slack.

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Group metrics with dashboards, which can be shared publicly or privately within your team.

Rearrange, resize, and customize your metrics to tell the story behind your data.

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