Getting started with Notion for Google Sheets

The following instructions will help you import historical data into Notion.

Before you get started

To import historical data in Notion, you'll need the following:

  • your spreadsheet with existing data
  • an existing Notion account
  • a plan for a few key metrics you want to track
  • the Notion for Google Sheets add-on.

Get the add-on

Once you have the Google Sheets add-on

Step 1 Open your spreadsheet and select Notion for Google Sheets from the “Add-ons” menu. Note: if you’re actively using this spreadsheet, you may wish to “Make a copy” of the sheet and use the copy for importing data.

The Notion Historical Importer sidebar will appear.
Step 2 Select data for a single ingredient. (Ingredients in Notion can be individual metrics or used as building blocks in custom recipes). Select one row or one column of data that will be associated with the ingredient you’re creating or updating. When you’ve selected the right range, select “Set” in the values range.
Step 3 Choose the date range for your Ingredient. Choose the dates that correspond to the data selected above, and select “Set” for the date range. Don't use header values in your selected data.
Step 4 You'll now create an ingredient template that will allow your data to be imported into Notion.
Step 5 If you've already named the ingredient in Notion, use the Ingredient ID found here. Otherwise, enter a name for your new ingredient. This will generate a new sheet with the correct format template.
Step 6 Review your data. You’ll create a new tab for each ingredient. Make sure the data is correct on each tab.
Step 7 Enter your API token. You'll find it at the top of this page.
Step 8 Make sure you are on the correct tab, then import your data and see it visualized in Notion. You'll import each tab individually. Now, start making recipes and communicate with your team.

It's that simple. If you run into any issues, or have questions about using the add-on, we're here to help! Email us at

Your data is now collaborative and visual, so your whole team can engage!