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Streamline your team’s work together.
Combine metrics from all your tools for the big picture.

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These examples show how customers use Github analytics to improve team performance.

41 28.57%
Open Pull Requests

Team Efficiency

Identify bottlenecks by tracking open issues or pull requests.

33% 46.8%
Support Tickets to Open Issues Ratio

Customer Support Funnel

Combine with Zendesk to compare open issues with support tickets.

Sprint Workflow

Sprint Workflow

Mix with Jira or Pivotal Tracker to track issues across your workflow.

77 26.2%
Open Issues (All Repos)

Work in Progress

Better allocate team resources by tracking open issues across your team's repos.

Closed Pull Requests

Repository Comparison

Compare activity and productivity across repositories to track team engagement.

Before Notion, collecting, sharing, and understanding our company data was manual and laborious. It sucked. - Travis Cannon, Director of Product Management, RADAR

About Notion for Github

Notion for GitHub lets you track pull requests by state and volume of issues by type, so you can identify bottlenecks and optimize your git process.

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The power of data engagement

Get more out of your Intercom data by combining it with information from your other tools and inviting your team to collaborate on the results.

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Increase your team intelligence

Notion makes it easy for teams to engage with their Intercom data, collaborate on what it means, and put insight into action.

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