Notion simplifies multi-team performance tracking

Know when and how to avoid bottlenecks, by tracking performance across all your teams in a single dashboard.

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Compare metrics across all your teams in one view.

  • Simply put, there really isn't a better solution. How Notion is able to "crunch" several JQL queries into exactly what you need is remarkable. The tool provides reports on data but also provides a feedback channel that helps to assess how the team is doing from a morale and confidence perspective.

    Michelle Melancon
    Notion Customer
  • I went looking for a simpler tool than EazyBI. Notion allows managers to write straight forward JQL queries - some quite advanced - and compile them into useful burn up and throughput charts.

    Emily Dresner
    The Upside Travel Company
    Notion Customer
  • Notion makes things dead simple using traditional JQL queries and filters. It enables our team to make better decisions about things like capacity and sprint planning with solid views of where we're at today, and where we've been at over time.

    Jon Lawrence
    Notion Customer
Find clarity in the chaos.

Multiple teams in a single view

Have the insight you need to quickly help teams in trouble. Standardizing process and performance is easier when you can compare KPIs across all your teams in a single chart or dashboard.

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Jira reporting for multiple teams

Curate your data with unlimited dashboards.

Group metrics by team, product, or audience, so you’re delivering the right level of detail to team leads, colleagues, and management. Make dashboards public or private to control access to the data.

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Essential Guide to Dev Team Metrics

The data you need, customized to your team.

Make truly custom metrics using your team’s JQLs from Jira and data from integrations like Github, Bitbucket, and Mailgun. See the big picture of team performance by comparing and combining data from any source.

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Tracking Velocity with JQLs

Stay up-to-date on important milestones.

Stay on top of team deadlines with burndown charts and track progress toward team goals using projected targets.

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Burndown charts with projected targets

Keep stakeholders informed.

Get everyone talking about the numbers.
Communicate data in a variety of ways by running slideshows during meetings or building beautiful, shareable reports in seconds.

Keep the conversation going in Slack
Notion is home to your internal data. Slack is home to your team communication. Together, we align your team and bring your Notion charts to your team.

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