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Deliver information in Slack, reports, or private dashboards, so executives can consume the data in whatever way is easiest.

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  • The nicest part of Notion is when someone on the team asks a question about one of our products and I know the answer is in Notion.

    Chris Bowler
    Notion Customer
  • Last week, we had our most effective leadership team meeting in the last two years, and our Notion dashboards were the motivating factor.

    Nathan Christensen
    Mammoth HR
    Notion Customer
  • I was asked to come up with a way to show multiple team sprint data in a central location. When I came across Notion I was practically in disbelief.

    Michelle Melancon
    Notion Customer
Capture the story behind your data.

Curate your data with unlimited dashboards.

Group metrics by team, product, or audience, so you’re delivering the right level of detail to team leads, colleagues, and management. Make dashboards public or private to control access to the data.

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Communicate key metrics in the right format.

Share data in a variety of ways by pulling charts directly into Slack, running slideshows during meetings, creating private dashboards, or building beautiful, shareable reports in seconds.

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Capture context behind the numbers.

Ensure stakeholders understand the why behind the numbers with metric commenting and anonymous team polling.

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Make better decisions with team polls

Save your Sundays.

Stop spending hours compiling data and producing reports for Monday meetings. Make beautiful, shareable reports in seconds.

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Share the story behind your data

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