Notion helps bridge cross-department collaboration

Create a single source of truth, so you can be more aligned and more efficient at making critical business decisions.

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Group metrics into unlimited dashboards.

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  • Notion is a great way for all our departments to share information including SaaS metrics, marketing lead gen, sales numbers, product development quality and backlog concerns. Very easy to use. Great support.

    Andrew Migliore
    RADAR, Inc.
    Notion Customer
  • I've been impressed with Notion from the first demo. The product is easy to set up and use immediately. Looking forward to using real data to make decisions amongst our internal teams!

    Kristin Jolda
    Notion Customer
  • It’s critical for the entire team to have a shared vision of the health of our company and Notion is a fantastic platform for enabling that vision.

    Travis Cannon
    RADAR, Inc.
    Notion Customer
Add valuable context to the big picture.

Create a single hub for shared data.

Bring data in from any source, via API, your team, and integrations like Jira, Github, and Intercom. Create a company-wide metric directory, so everyone can collaborate on shared data.

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7 ways teams use Notion

Understand the full picture behind the numbers.

Metric commenting makes it easy to give colleagues meaningful context to the data, so everyone understands the conditions impacting team performance.

Get everyone talking about the numbers.

Communicate data in a variety of ways by pulling charts directly into Slack, running slideshows during meetings, creating private dashboards, or building beautiful, shareable reports in seconds.

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Getting started with Slack

Curate your data with unlimited dashboards.

Group metrics by team, product, or audience, so you’re delivering the right level of detail to team leads, colleagues, and management. Make dashboards public or private to control access to the data.

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Essential Guide to Dev Team Metrics

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