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Focus on your team goals with dashboards, reports, Slack and more!

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Invite everyone

Notion makes it easy to add all your team members. No coding or IT work necessary, so everyone can use Notion to communicate.

Unlimited dashboards

Create as many dashboards as you need and give context to your team’s different data. Or use private dashboards to keep sensitive information within your group.

Your whole team’s intelligence

Comments give context to your data, so both leadership and your entire team can understand the whys behind the numbers.

Click to share in Slack and spark the data conversation where your team already talks to each other.

Visual reports make it easy to share your success with your leadership and stakeholders, without the pain of spreadsheets and powerpoint.

Team polling feature lets you collect direct feedback from your team on their progress, confidence and morale.

Access to all the data that matters

One source of truth

Our Data Directory gives your whole team access to the data that matters to them. See who owns the data, how frequently it’s being reported, and the latest updates. Unlisted ingredients keep the data secure and only accessible to the right users.

Data from everywhere that counts

Automatically collect data from your tools with our data connectors.

See your progress over time from team performance tools like Jira, Bitbucket, GitHub and Pivotal Tracker. See how customers behave with Mixpanel data or your own database by connecting with our simple API. Understand how you’re solving customers’ problems with Zendesk and Intercom data.

Tracking your data in spreadsheets? See it in Notion right away with our Google Sheets importer.

The metrics that matter to you

Create custom recipes with data from tools, API, or manual updates. Our automated workflows help your team add data from anywhere so you can track any formula.

Not only numbers

Access your team’s knowledge and make sure you’re on track with our anonymous Team Polling feature. Ask any question that matters to your team. Regular polling adds context and exposes wisdom from all your team members, even those who don’t speak up in meetings.

No queries. No coding. No waiting.
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Measure & Learn

Discover best practices for using data with our learning resources.

Once you’re using Notion, we’ll continue to inspire and guide you with one-on-one help, a knowledge base, and our Recipe Library, with pre-made recipes to help you get started.

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