“If you took Notion away, it would be like going back to bearskins and spears.”
Andrew Migliore, VP of Engineering


Breaking free from time-consuming, siloed spreadsheets.

Departments using Notion 5
Recipes Tracked 33
Team Members in Notion 19

Before using Notion, RADAR’s management team took hours before leadership meetings, building, updating, and emailing spreadsheets to share each department’s progress toward company goals. Without visualizations or easy report annotation, everyone struggled to understand the data from other departments, requiring a lot of explanation to get everyone on the same page. Now the whole company can closely track progress on their team’s KPIs, while quickly and easily referencing data from other departments, keeping everyone aligned and feeling like a cohesive team.

“Before Notion, collecting, sharing, and understanding our company data was manual and laborious. It sucked.”
Travis Cannon, Director of Product Management

The Challenge

Committed to being data-driven, RADAR leadership uses data to make critical business decisions about their product roadmap, resource allocation, and marketing strategy. This means regular tracking and reporting of all key data to spot potential problems before they became urgent issues and to fundamentally understand the inter-departmental impact of everyone’s efforts.

But they were frustrated with how time-consuming and labor-intensive it was to collect, share, and discuss critical data with the broader team. And because each department used different tools, they also used different methods for collecting and sharing information. This made it challenging for other team members to readily access and understand data that wasn’t their own. Data remained siloed within each department, despite efforts to share, collaborate, and discuss during leadership meetings.

The Solution

After months of struggling to find a simple, but effective method to extract value from their company data, the frustrated management team at RADAR went looking for a solution that would get them out of spreadsheet hell and communicating better as a team. After reading about Notion, VP of Engineering, Andrew Migliore recognized that this might be the solution to their challenges and recruited Travis to join him in testing the solution.

Andrew and Travis integrate their account with Jira and Slack and use the Notion API to automate reporting workflows and ensure their dashboard has the most up-to-date information. Using Notion’s recipe library made it easy to quickly build initial dashboards and the ability to add custom recipes overtime allowed the ongoing flexibility their growing business needed.

The Results

As they’d hoped, the move to Notion has transformed leadership meetings, allowing easier understanding of company data, collaboration over what the numbers mean and the evidence to back up gut instinct about the health and wealth of their company. Since Andrew and Travis started building recipes in Notion 10 months ago, usage has spread throughout the leadership team and the company. Senior Director of Finance, Dylan Anderson now exclusively uses the Notion dashboard during leadership and company all hands meetings to report on the financial health of the company. Marketing Director, Dorothy Davis also migrated to Notion, tracking and sharing her critical KPIs in a public dashboard.

“It’s critical for the entire team to have a shared vision of the health of our company and Notion is a fantastic platform for enabling that vision.”
Travis Cannon, Director of Product Management

The Future

RADAR’s use of Notion is evolving to further their commitment to being a data-driven organization. In this effort, they continue to invite more teams and people to Notion, empowering junior employees to use data every day and giving them the opportunity to collect and report their individual performance data. They are also beginning to include a broader selection of metrics, inputting historical data and tracking additional KPIs in private dashboards designed to be consumed within individual teams.

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