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Reporting and BI dashboards for product-focused teams using Jira, Intercom, Pivotal Tracker, and more.

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  • The ease of sharing reports is an added bonus that really helps when all your business stakeholders may not have Jira accounts.

    Jon Lawrence
    Notion Customer

    Notion closes the gap for multi-team tracking in tools like Jira and Pivotal Tracker.

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  • Before Notion, collecting, sharing, and understanding data from Jira was manual and laborious. It sucked.

    Travis Cannon
    Notion Customer

    Learn how RADAR is collaborating across departments in Notion.

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  • This is a simple, great product to share with the wider team. I've found other products are too complicated.

    Anna Huang
    Parrot Analytics
    Notion Customer

    Notion is specifically designed for cross-department collaboration.

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  • Last week, we had our most effective leadership team meeting in the last two years, and our Notion dashboards were the motivating factor.

    Nathan Christensen
    Mammoth HR
    Notion Customer

    Notion brings insight to all the stakeholders in your organization.

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Easy custom team dashboards. No data scientist required.

Visibility into your entire product lifecycle.
Collect data from development, management, and support to continuously improve the value you deliver to your customers.

Fully customized metrics tracking.
Create the KPIs you need to run your team. Choose when they update, how they’re visualized, who can see them, and add them to any dashboard.

Set, track, and accomplish your goals.
Set projected targets, track your progress, and achieve key objectives. Then update your metrics, as you adapt your strategy and goals.

Understand and improve team health.
Anonymous team polls make it easy to track the qualitative context behind the numbers to give you better insight into team health and happiness.

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Collaborate, advocate, and lead with evidence.

Easily keep stakeholders informed.

Share important updates with private dashboards, one-click reports, and charts in Slack. Curate content and context to explain not just the what, but the why too.

Get your team engaged with data.

Capture valuable insight from your team with anonymous polls and team-sourced metrics. Spark conversation and encourage debate with in-app commenting and the ability to pull charts right into Slack.

Collaborate with evidence not guesses.

Add power to any argument by sharing persuasive data in team meetings. Be a hero by projecting accurate numbers for everyone using Slideshow.

Save time, money, and headaches.

Stop waiting for the data you need.
With no coding or IT required, you can start tracking critical team data in minutes - even if you have no technical expertise.

Priced to own.
Affordable pricing means you can also forget that lengthy approval process, and grow your metrics strategy as you see value over time.

No queries. No coding. No waiting.
The dashboards you've been looking for.

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