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Before Notion, collecting, sharing, and understanding our company data was manual and laborious. It sucked. - Travis Cannon, Director of Product Management, RADAR

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  • Make your sprints more effective.

    Notion helps engineers go beyond velocity. Do your engineers use half a dozen or more tools? Now you can keep track of your data and make more informed decisions.

    As of 7/18/16 14% since 7/4/16
    42 12.5%
    Iteration Flow
    85% 10.53%
    14-day DRE
    7.7 days 28.33%
    Cycle Times by Story Status
    4.4 days 83.33%
    Cycle Times by Story Type
  • Improve product performance.

    Get more insight into how your products are performing without having to chase spreadsheets and co-workers. Notion is the map for all the data you collect.

    Backlog Burn Rate
    As of 7/18/16 80% since 7/11/16
    Stories in Testing
    As of 7/18/16 5% since 7/11/16
    1 50%
    Work in Progress
    14 tickets 40%
    Total Bug Count
    17 tickets 19.05%
    Total Chore Count
    31 tickets 19.23
    Total Feature Count
  • Increase team happiness.

    Stay ahead of burnout, attrition, and gaps by tapping into your Team Health. Notion's Team Polling feature gives you customized insight over time.

    Release Confidence
    As of 7/18/16 15% since 7/11/16
    8.5 6.25%
    Sprint Productivity
    Release Value
    As of 7/18/16 5% since 7/11/16
    8.5 6.25%
    Team Communication
    Team Morale
    As of 7/18/16 10% since 7/11/16
    7 6.67%
    Roadmap Excitment
  • Create customer-centered products.

    A product can't survive without its customers. Put their feedback in context and strengthen your relationship with users.

    Satisfaction Rating
    As of 7/18/16 4% since 7/11/16
    17% 5.56%
    Satisfaction Response Rate
    3 57.14%
    Current Number of Assigned Tickets
    8 166.67%
    Total Number of Reopened Tickets
    2.2 days 8.33%
    Average Bad Ticket Resolution Time
    Tickets Needing Attention
    As of 7/18/16 11% since 7/11/16

Build. Measure. Learn.

With frictionless KPI tracking, team polling, one-click reporting, and more, spend less time wondering How are we doing? and more time answering How do we get better?

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Notion helps you get more out of the data you already have, so you’ll make better decisions and be more competitive.

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Improve your product with data.

Start with something small, implementable, and useful. Don’t start by collecting all data in the world. Identify something you need to learn, and understand what decisions you might make differently if you had more insight. - read more from Laura Klein, author of UX for Lean Startups
An unhappy team is often a symptom of bigger organisational issues. Taking some kind of quick ‘temperature check’ on team morale is a really useful exercise to run from time to time in team retrospectives. - read more from Jock Busuttil, author of The Practitioner’s Guide to Product Management
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